As if four nights of music in paradise isn't enough, get ready for a ton of activities to keep your afternoons filled with fun and excitement! Check out the full list of activities offered below!
Dive deep into analog synthesis, history and performance with Jesse Miller. Learn about how basic synth voices are built on a modular synth system and how those sounds are used in a wider musical context. There will be bleeps (and maybe bloops).
The Pigeons may be Playing Ping Pong, but here at Holidaze things are gonna get a little wild. Join the guys for a Margarita Pong Tournament and see if you can take home the gold!
An annual tradition, the autograph signing is a chance to meet the artists and take home your own souvenir from Holidaze!
Grab a coffee, smoothie, or breakfast cocktail and pull up a lounge chair for this poolside chat with Tom Hamilton & his acoustic guitar.
Breathe, stretch, and flow before diving into the next day of festivities! Join Hannah Muse for her soulful slow flow yoga for everyone. Additionally, Deb Brownstein will lead an intermediate class with music provided by Marc Brownstein.
Have you always wanted to be a part of The Wu Tan Clan? Well now, here's your chance! Join Ryan “Chuck Tanner” Stasik and GoldLikeJoel Cummins for a poolside tanning hang. Safety is always first, of course, so an array of SPF products will be provided, along with some quality cocktails to keep you lubed up. All you need is a tanning name, to be approved poolside by Chucky T and Co. Come enjoy some rays with chill beats and excellent company.
Orchard Lounge is bringing you a game of hoops and trivia like you've never seen before! Who has the best shot? Who knows the most music knowledge? Step onto the court and show us what you've got! Answer the music trivia question then take your shot. It's horse, knockout, and everything in between with a musical twist! ...continue
Shaken or stirred? Frozen or on the rocks? Bartender or musician? Aron Magner and Brendan Bayliss put their skills to the test, behind the bar! Be sure to tip your bartenders, as proceeds benefit Positive Legacy.
Head to the pool and see who comes out victorious in this epic game of Beer Olympics - vacation edition.