Positive Legacy

Positive Legacy, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arm of Cloud 9 Adventures, is committed to integrating live music and service by taking actions that positively impact the communities we visit. Positive Legacy’s mission inspires music fans and artists to collectively take action and build a better world. The goal is to develop service activities that people can participate in to bring a deeper sense of purpose to their travel experiences and the music surrounding it.

Holidaze 2018 Recap

Positive Legacy creates meaningful opportunities for musicians and fans to participate in humanitarian and environmental outreach projects to support the local community. Read more about the 2018 initiatives in the tiles below or get the full in-depth report from our adventure by visiting Positive Legacy's website.

For our 2018 Day of Service, we traveled 20 minutes to Central Vallarta where we completed a mural on the new schoolhouse which we helped build in years past, painted the new medical clinic we funded, finished the newly built garden bed wall, painted playground equipment, and then made and played with pinatas! After finishing our work, we headed over to the community cenote where a delicious, locally-catered lunch awaited us. Our group enjoyed cliff-diving, zip-lining and swimming in the cool, natural pool waters.
The Holidaze 2018 auction had a fantastic mid-day turnout and raised $14,420! Many musicians donated amazing items such as VIP festival tickets, signed memorabilia, and uniquely designed playbills. Their fans also provided Positive Legacy with original auction entries such as jewelry, carved wood event art, and even a six-night lodge stay outside of Rocky Mountain State Park. Once again, photographers Dave Vann and Josh Timmermans donated their talent and time with some amazing, autographed shots of our Holidaze musicians. Thank you to everyone who donated and bid on items for the auctions!
Thank you to all the Holidazers who traveled responsibly by helping offset the emissions impact of their trip to Mexico. It is not too late to contribute $15 to Trees Water & People to make your positive impact!