Leaving A Positive Legacy

One World United Through Music

Positive Legacy, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arm of Cloud 9 Adventures, is committed to integrating live music and service by taking actions that positively impact the communities we visit. Positive Legacy’s mission inspires music fans and artists to collectively take action and build a better world. The goal is to develop service activities that people can participate in to bring a deeper sense of purpose to their travel experiences and the music surrounding it.

Day of Service

Positive Legacy creates meaningful opportunities for musicians and fans to participate in humanitarian and environmental outreach projects to support the local community. Our Day of Service outings during Holidaze have helped develop water filtration systems in the Dominican Republic as well as schoolhouses and medical clinics in the Central Vallarta, Mexico community. Our hard work is always rewarded with a refreshing swim to cool down and a local lunch before heading back to the resort for more music.

Charity Auctions

Each year, artists and bands donate items such as VIP festival tickets, signed memorabilia, photographs, jewelry, handmade artwork, and more to be auctioned off during Holidaze. Donations and bids support Positive Legacy’s ongoing humanitarian and environmental work throughout the Caribbean while also providing an awesome piece of memorabilia to bring home from your trip. Thanks to everyone who has donated or bid in years past – we couldn’t do it without you!

Donation Drive

The generosity of Holidaze guests has helped us provide materials for schools and essential medical supplies for the local communities in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. These items are delivered during our Day of Service and used year-round.

Carbon Offsets

Thank you to everyone who traveled responsibly by helping offset the emissions impact of their trip to Holidaze. It’s never too late to contribute to Trees Water & People to make your own positive impact. Just $15 makes a difference and helps fund tree planting and clean cookstove construction in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Cuba.